A Message from the Village of Akron Board of Trustees and the Newstead Town Board:
January 2013

The Village of Akron and the Town of Newstead have entered into a joint agreement with Modern Disposal for refuse and recycling services. Included in the contract are changes which will reduce our costs by facilitating an increase in recycling on the part of the Village of Akron and the Town of Newstead residents and businesses. The more we recycle, the lower our costs will be.

Residents will be receiving a 65 gallon recycling cart beginning the week of January 7, 2013. These carts are high quality, will be easy to store, and easy to handle. They come with a strong cover which should keep recyclable items contained when high winds blow.

Garbage collection for both Village of Akron and Town of Newstead will be weekly on Friday, recyclables will be picked up every other week (A or B) on a Friday beginning January 18, 2013, as noted on the maps provided.

2013_EOW_Recycling_Cal | NEW_AKRON_Page_2_map

We know that change can present challenges along with opportunities - we believe this new system will greatly benefit the Village of Akron and the Town of Newstead. The attached recycling guide shows you how easy it is to recycle. The list of acceptable items has grown and there is no need to separate the items, as this is Single Stream Recycling, which uses the latest state of the art technology to sort recyclables at Modern's facility.

If you only gather enough recycling to pick up once a month, only roll it out when the container is full, roll it out for collection when itís full and on Friday when itís your week (A or B). You can keep your current hand tote and when it's full, carry it over and dump into your cart however for collection curbside; you must use your cart.

The cost of refuse/recycling will be substantially reduced going forward as we recycle more and put less in the landfill. Let's all do our part to reduce our garbage and recycle as much as possible!

Together we ALL can make a difference!

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