04/18/04 - Village Board Approves 2005-2006 Budget

At the April 18th meeting of the Village Board, the Village Board unanimously approved revisions to the proposed budget.

General Fund:

The budget holds the property tax rate the same as it was last year at $5.75 per thousand. It also represents an increase in the garbage rate of $1.00 to $31.00 per quarter that will begin with the June 1, 2005 billing. The increase is to help off set the cost of having Freon containing items removed from the Village. These items are not covered under our current refuse contract and the Village pays $45.00 per Freon unit when they are picked up by our current refuse collector. Since we have started this program, there have been more than 45 units collected and disposed of.

Water Fund:

The Village has raised the water rates beginning with July 1, 2005 water usages being billed October 15, 2005. The minimum rate would increase to $28.75 per quarter from $23.75 per quarter for water usage below 5,000 gallons. The Village rate would increase to $5.75, outside the Village $8.50, Town of Newstead $6.25 and the easement rate of $6.95. The new tentative property tax assessments in the Town of Pembroke and the Town of Darien account for $0.50 of the $1.00 increase.

Sewer Fund:

The sewer rate remains $3.15 per thousand. The Village has appropriated $25,000 of fund balance to balance the budget.

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