MAY 1, 2007 - DECEMBER 31, 2007

Akron, NY - The Village of Akron, in conjunction with the Independent Energy Efficiency Program, Inc. (IEEP), will offer a new Energy Efficiency - Shade Tree Program called The Village of Akron Energy Efficiency - Shade Tree Program. This program's goal is to encourage Village of Akron residential electric customers to invest in trees. The October 2006 snowstorm wiped away as much as 75% of the trees in Western New York communities. So let us work together to restore this priceless natural gift. Village of Akron electric customers will be rewarded 50% of the purchase price of one tree, and the rebate will not exceed $75.00. Trees must be selected from the preferred tree list and be a minimum of 6' tall and have a caliper of at least 1" at the time of planting. The preferred tree list is as follows:

Red MapleNorway MapleSugar Maple
Silver MapleRed OakGreen Ash
White OakAmerican BeechRiver Birch
Leyland CypressWhite PineLondon Plane Tree (Sycamore)

The Village of Akron has been offering energy efficiency programs to their customers since the mid 1990's. Mayor Carl E. Patterson, stated, "We assist our customers by offering energy efficient programs like the Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, ENERGY STAR® labeled appliances and the Shade Tree Program, which in turn has a positive effect on the environment, reduces our customer's electric costs, and our peak electric load."

Trees help promote energy efficiency, prevent erosion, protect water supplies, create habitat for wildlife, filter harmful carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with life-giving oxygen. Trees cool hot streets, sidewalks and homes, resulting in significant energy savings. They also muffle noise and provide privacy. Trees are natural air conditioners and energy savers. Overall, strategic landscaping to shade the windows and walls of your home can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50%, and air conditioner efficiency can be improved by planting a tree that shades it from harsh summer sun.

Village of Akron residential electric customers can receive more information on the guidelines and obtain an application at The Village Hall, 21 Main Street, Akron, NY 14001.

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