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The Village of Akron has its own municipal electric service. The Village is a member of the Municipal Electric Utilities Association (MEUA). The New York State Public Service Commission regulates us. See for more information about the MEUA.

The Akron Electric System is franchised to provide electric service within Village limits and a few historical customers (e.g. the Akron Airport). New customers outside of Village limits are not accepted.

Current electric rates are as follows (Effective Date December 1, 2008):

There is also a Purchase Power Adjustment (PPA) charge applied monthly, based upon kWh usage. The PPA charge has been averaging $.029620 kWh.

Electric bills sent on a monthly basis and mailed out the last working day of each month and are due the 20th of the following month.

For new customers, there is a deposit of $35.00, for non-electric heating customers and $75.00 for electric heating customers.

To receive an application, or seek answers to any electrical billing questions, contact the Clerk-Treasurer. For information about availability of electric service, or if you have electric service problems, contact the Superintendent of Public Works.