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Police Department

Village of Akron Police car

The mission of the Village of Akron Police Department is to protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions, to live in peace and to serve the people of the Village of Akron by performing its law enforcement function in an efficient, professional and community minded manner.

Message from the Chief

"The Village of Akron Police Department is a full service police agency that works very closely with the Erie County Sheriff's Office and the New York State Police. All of our police officers are Bureau of Municipal Police certified and trained. They receive in service training throughout the year to provide the most current and professional service. We average 19 hours a day seven days a week patrol and continue to expand our hours coverage. The police department works in alliance with the Akron Central School District and the local businesses, associated civic groups and organizations to ensure the safety of our community. We also contract with the Town of Newstead to provide security to their Justice Court by providing an officer to every court session."

Service Area

The Village of Akron is approximately 1.5 square miles and is the home to about 3000 residents, the Police Department is asked to assist the New York State Police and the Erie County Sheriff's Office in the Towns of Newstead and Alden on an occasional basis. Over the past 4 years the Police Department assisted these agencies and other law enforcement agencies as well.

Assisted Other Agencies938862507791

Officers of the Village of Akron Police Department

NameYears of ServiceStatus
Richard Lauricella 19 Chief
Richard Baran 14 Part Time
Stephen Cryan 12 Part Time
Christopher Heiderman 11 Full Time
Michael Baran 11 Part Time
Dave Drozdiel 8 Part Time
Peter Scanio 7 Part Time
J. Herbert Ritchie 4 Part Time
Daniel Wood 3 Part Time
Michael Dalfonso 3 Part Time
Michael Haynes 3 Part Time
Robert Kolmetz 2 Part Time
Kevin Koscielniak 2 Part Time
James Bauer 1 Part Time
Martin Bronisz 1 Part Time

Calendar Year Statistics

Vehicle and Traffic Law Enforcement

The Akron Police aggressively enforce all the vehicle and traffic laws of New York State throughout its jurisdiction. Traffic in the Village is very heavy during the daytime hours with many manufacturing facilities and the public school system within its boundaries.

Property Damage Accidents475042503937
Injury Accidents785656
Traffic Summonses Issued281300375322416639
DWI Arrests335557
Traffic Complaints726456555453
Parking Summonses7896999511541
Criminal Activity

Although Akron is one of the safest communities in Western New York, The Police Department investigated and acted upon the following complaints. The Police Department prides itself on a quick response to all calls for service.

Larceny From Vehicles32379811
Disorderly Persons and Incidents566666715250
Criminal Mischief243019232115
Disorderly Youths535750434415
Domestic Incidents313746533755
Narcotic Complaints1012149107
Penal Law Arrests313037314543
Stolen Vehicle000010
Assault and Related212216141919
Other Reportable Crimes18211410114294
General Service

Calls for service that are considered to be routine in nature are a large part on how the Police Department serves our Community.

Alarms, First Aid Assist Persons438416555469517608
Animal Complaints202425193136
Property Checks and Calls for Service 3,789 3,824 4,238 355641514929
Akron Falls/Russell Park Calls       385941
Referred to Other Agencies121497611
Foot Patrols166259311382446441