Village Government

Public Works

The department of Public Works is the main operations component within Akron's government. A Super Chief of Public Works (Jon Cummings) is responsible for the department. Public Works includes Building Inspections, Electrical Operations, Solid Waste, Streets & Parks, Water and Wastewater Services. The Superintendent reports to the Mayor.

Building Inspections

Building inspections, and related code enforcement, within the Village is a responsibility of Public Works. Personnel trained in building inspection, electrical inspection and code enforcement report to the Superintendent. The Superintendent is assisted by the Village Attorney to insure proper building practices and inspections are followed for new and modified construction activities within the Village.

Electrical Operations

Akron is a MEUA (Municipal Electrical Utility Association) member providing low cost electrical power within the Village. The Electrical Operations group reports to the Superintendent and is headed by the Electrical Crew Chief. A staff of trained electrical lineman and related resources round out this component of Public Works. Electrical Operations operate the Electrical Sub-station on Eckerson Avenue. Tree trimming and related support services are provided by Electrical Operations under the direction of the Superintendent.

Streets & Parks

The Streets and Parks group reports directly to the Superintendent, and is headed by a Crew Chief for Streets & Parks. This group is responsible for street construction & maintenance, snow removal, sidewalk maintenance, and general support activities. They assist all other groups within Public Works as directed by the Superintendent.

Solid Waste Services

The Village Board contracts with Modern Disposal Services for all garbage services within the village. In addition, the Village operates its own Composting Site on Clarence-Center Road that is available to all village residents and businesses for biodegradable waste, excluding garbage. The Town of Newstead provides tire disposal service for Village residents. Solid Waste Services are a direct responsibility of the deputy Superintendent.

Water and Wastewater Services

Water and Wastewater Services report directly to the Deputy Superintendent. There are three groups who deliver water and sewer services to the Village. All staff members are fully trained and licensed to perform services under the auspices of the Erie County Health Department and the State of New York.

Akron owns and operates its own waterworks that is located in Bennington, New York, often referred to as "The Akron Water System". Akron has a long tradition of providing quality water at a very cost efficient price to residents and businesses within its boundaries. A Chief Water Plant Operator, who reports directly to the Deputy Superintendent, oversees the Water Plant in Bennington.

Akron owns and operates its own sewage treatment plant on Lewis Road. The plant has been built and is maintained to support the residential and business needs within village boundaries. A Chief Wastewater Operator who reports to the Deputy Superintendent oversees the Sewer Plant in the Village.

A Water and Wastewater Distribution is key part of operating these utilities within the village. This group that is headed by a Crew Chief for Water and Wastewater Distribution maintains all of the water and sewer lines. They report directly to the Deputy Superintendent.