A Work Session of the Clarence Town Board was held on May 2, 2007 at Clarence Town Hall, One Town Place, Clarence, NY.

Supervisor Hallock called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M. Members of the Town Board present were Council members Scott Bylewski, Joseph Weiss, Bernard Kolber and Patrick Casilio. Other town officials present were Town Attorney Steven Bengart, Director of Community Development James Callahan, Town Engineer Joseph Latona, Director of Administration and Finance Pam Smith, Deputy Town Attorney David Donohue, Planning Board members Pat Powers, Gerald Drinkard, Albert Schultz, Wendy-Weber Salvati and Tim Pazda.

Supervisor Kathleen Hallock

Joseph Floss will give an update on LOSAP at 9:30 AM and Joseph Fiegl from Erie County/Sewer will begin at 10:30 AM. Mr. Fiegl would like to discuss setting district boundaries for SD #5 and the merger. The Town Board has asked the Planning Board to review the boundaries. Supervisor Hallock stated that she also has questions regarding the Amherst sewer bill. They were to send us a mock bill and never did. Councilman Bylewski stated that we are trying to have a good relationship with the County but every time we present a way to move forward, something comes up.

Charlie Sicklar from Erie County Department of Public Works would like to meet with the Town Board at the June 6th morning Work Session relative to the proposed roundabout. Mr. Sicklar thought it advisable to meet with the Town Board before the public meeting; he will ask County Legislator Michael Ranzenhofer to attend as well.

Supervisor Hallock gave an update on the generator grant that the town had hoped they could apply for through one of the fire companies. It is a FEMA grant (Aide to Firefighters) that the town could not apply for directly. Four fire companies responded indicating that they were going to be applying for their own grants.

Director of Administration and Finance Pam Smith circulated a memo about training session for employees and department heads. We can receive eight hours of free training through our Employee Assistance Program.

Supervisor Hallock received a recommendation from Mike Powers regarding Sunset Park; it will be reviewed next Tuesday at the Recreation Advisory Committee. If the Recreation Advisory Committee agrees with the recommendation as presented, copies will be made available next week.

A joint Town Board/Planning Board meeting is scheduled for May 30th. The Planning Board is looking for input to establish an agenda. Councilman Bylewski suggested the TEQR, MRC and the ZBA be notified of the meeting and submit their ideas for agenda items as well.

Buffalo Crushed Stone circulated an e-mail. They are planning an Open House on June 15th for the Town Board.

The Town has received notice from Heritage Christian Services about a proposed two story group home with four living units to be located on Shimerville Road. Director of Community Development James Callahan stated that there is no sewer access so it would require an on-site septic system. Councilman Kolber will contact Heritage Christian Services and get exact details of what is being proposed.

There was a discussion regarding the Vehicle Replacement Program. Highway Superintendent Ted Donner has worked the numbers and is recommending that we continue with the smaller vehicles. With the rising cost of gas, it was decided that it was more economical to stay with the Ford Focus.

Supervisor Hallock has two items to discuss in Executive Session relative to the appointment of two individuals.

Joseph Floss/Kathy Sibol Length of Service Awards Program

In 1991 the LOSAP plan was initiated. The State of NY and many other states have allowed for accrual of benefits for volunteer firemen to receive a service award. The service award that was adopted in 1991 is a defined benefit plan. It allows the firemen that do achieve 50 points based on criteria set forth in General Municipal Law to accrue $20 a month benefit at entitlement age, typically 62. East Amherst VFC is the only fire company that reduced entitlement age to 55. The benefit maxes out after 30 years, so if a fireman serves 30 years, they essentially have $600 a month, it is a lifetime benefit because it is annuity based. The annuity is purchased for the person when they hit entitlement age, it is a 10 year certain lifetime annuity. If the firefighter dies two years after receiving the monthly benefit, a beneficiary receives the benefit for another eight years.

Councilman Kolber asked if there was a funding liability to the town if the plan is under funded. Mr. Floss indicated that the town is the fiduciary for this plan and would be liable. Mr. Floss stated that there are four known vendors to LOSAP and he feels that VFIS is the best. Some vendors are offering mutual fund based products. Pam Smith has directed Mr. Floss not to put the money at risk; VFIS has a philosophy that the money should not be at risk. One local community indicated to Mr. Floss that the NYS Pension Plan is at risk and we should go for double digit returns. This is not a pension plan, it is a service award and it is the town's money, the town is the fiduciary. We are not taking any risks with the money however; we are not earning any double digit returns.

Mr. Floss stated that LOSAP was intended by the state to attract and obtain firefighters. He does not feel that the program attracts firefighters because typically young men and woman are not considering their futures at such a young age however, it has helped retain firefighters.

The Town Board met in Executive Session regarding an Attorney Client matter.

The Work Session reconvened at 10:35 AM.

Erie County Sewer Tom Whetham & Joseph Fiegl sewer consolidation

Tom Whetham stated that he had the opportunity to speak with the Amherst Town Board. To abate pollution problems not only within the Town of Clarence but also within the Town of Amherst as well, Erie County has suggested that the concept of sending out an RFP seeking to find a private partner in a public-private partnership appears to be the best solution not only from the standpoint of addressing pollution problems but putting Clarence in the position where they can promote the type of growth they want meaning industrial commercial in the industrial commercial corridor. However, there would be the potential that a private developer as part of that scenario would want to have some residential connections into that line. It would put the Town of Amherst, the Town of Clarence and Erie County in a position right from the beginning when the agreement was drafted up with the public-private partnership to control that by putting smart growth measures in place right up front.

Amherst Councilman Kindel feels that he would like to be part of the Clarence Town Board in how the Town of Clarence controls growth. He spoke out against the RFP stating that it will create sprawl in Clarence and he is personally concerned about that.

Tom Whetham clarified to the Board that he did not go into that meeting saying that this would open up development in Clarence. On the contrary they said it would put Clarence in the position where they would be consistent with their Master Plan and control these kinds of things.

Councilman Kolber stated that someone that attended the Amherst meeting approached him and asked "what was the Town of Clarence trying to do." Councilman Kolber stated that Clarence was misquoted in the Buffalo News. This person said that what was printed in the news was exactly what happened at the meeting. Tom Whetham had spoke to Amherst at length indicating that the Town of Clarence wants to grow and we want the parallel line and expect Amherst to pay for half the line. Tom Whetham stated that he and Joe Fiegl attended that meeting and that was not what was said. When the subject of cost came up they indicated that the reason for entering into a public-private partnership is that the private entity would build the infrastructure and there would be no cost to the municipality. They never told Amherst that they had to split half the cost. Tom Whetham did tell Amherst that if they did not want to pursue a public-private partnership and if they wanted to complete the project as a public entity, they would be responsible for the cost of putting in their own system. What Mr. Whetham suggested was to capture the best of all which is to minimize cost, to put the infrastructure in place, address the pollution problems while trying to control interest like growth, they feel that the public-private partnership is the way to go. He also further stressed to the Town of Amherst that all they were trying to do at this point was to send the RFP out and then once the responses come back in, you can still say no. If you find that the cost is too great in the way of residential, commercial or industrial taps then you "say no." At this point Tom Whetham suggested just sending out the RFP and see what we are dealing with.

Tom Whetham feels that this comes down to the sewer billing dispute. The Town of Amherst feels that if they agree to go forward with an RFP that will somehow compromise their negotiating position with the Town of Clarence in "recouping" the billing dispute. It has nothing to do with what the RFP truly means; it has everything to do with the politics between the two communities and the sewer billing issue.

Councilman Weiss stated that he has had discussions with several members of the Amherst Town Board. They have not been responsive in getting information to the Town of Clarence, we have set up meetings only to have Amherst cancel them and we have asked for bills and never received them. Speaking for himself, Councilman Weiss would be willing to look at the RFP. There have been conversations about handling the abatement situation in Harris Hill and handing commercial projects that come forward.

Mr. Whetham stated that this situation puts the County in a position where they do not know how to proceed.

Town Attorney Bengart stated that the last meeting he had with Amherst, they were discussing revising their contract with the County.

Supervisor Hallock, Town Engineer Latona and Town Attorney Bengart met with Amherst to see how they felt about going forward because she was of the understanding that they were not even considering going forward with the RFP. There were several people from Amherst at the meeting and it came down to several issues. However Supervisor Hallock felt that they came to a resolution that day. Town Engineer Latona stated that when Pam Smith, Mr. Coniglio and he met with Amherst, they suggested that Amherst create a "mock bill" based upon the proposed formula in the agreement, which is rather generic. To expedite billing procedures and bill payment he thought that if they created a mock bill everyone would understand the substance of what the bill is and the rational for creating the bill based upon actual numbers, they all agreed. Amherst Town Engineer, the comptroller and Amherst Town Attorney all agreed. A meeting was scheduled for April 19th. Town Engineer Latona and Pam Smith were to receive a mock bill prior to the April 19th meeting. Up until April 18th Mr. Latona had not received anything or heard anything so he sent an e-mail asking to postpone the meeting until they had something to discuss. In the interim, Amherst e-mailed Mr. Latona stating that due to a scheduling conflict, they would have to postpone the meeting; Mr. Latona has not heard anything since.

Tom Whetham stated that Amherst Supervisor Mohan feels that the Town of Clarence sewer districts as well as EC SD #5 should be paying for all of their costs. This puts the County in a position where they want to hold off on the RFP. Mr. Latona stated that the Town of Clarence has clearly stated many times that we want to pay our bill however, we want to pay an accurate bill. Tom Whetham stated that what the Town of Clarence has requested is appropriate. He believes Amherst feels that way to because they will also be in a position to understand what their revenue will be so they want to know how the mock bill will turn out as well.

Councilman Weiss stated that one of Supervisor Mohan criteria is based on assessment value. Town Engineer Latona indicated that Supervisor Mohan has contacted our assessor and has requested assessment data for those districts.

Tom Whetham stated that Supervisor Mohan has indicated to him that we should take all the units that are served by their plant and divide the cost by the number of units. Amherst does not provide any service in Clarence; we would be paying for the interceptors and pumping stations that we do not use.

Councilman Casilio asked how long it would be before Erie County took over Amherst sewage treatment plant. Mr. Whetham stated that he did not know when if ever. There is a kick-off meeting this afternoon relative to the study to look at the economics. Tom Whetham stated that he has heard that Amherst and Clarence were getting together and are trying to get Erie County out of the picture. Mr. Whetham further commented that if Amherst and Clarence wanted to work independently together and that was the way the two towns wanted to go, the County will step away.

Erie County will hold up on the RFP since the majority of the Amherst Town Board informally expressed their opinions and most were against it.

Tom Whetham stated that Amherst has issues, they have surcharging in their sewer system and they have serious environmental pollution problems that they need to address and this is going against their ability to resolve these problems. The pollution problems that exist in Clarence will have to remain in existence. This entire project was predicated on trying to address pollution problems.

Town Engineer Latona stated that Amherst does not understand the benefits of the RFP.

Councilman Kolber stated that there are a lot of surcharging problems in Amherst. Tom Whetham stated that Amherst has surcharging in the Dodge Road North French interceptor. This would help them alleviate that because it would allow them to send more flows down the Peanut Line interceptor and relieve the North French interceptor. They have something to gain and they don't realize this, they do not completely understand the issue. They are even denying that the issue even exists in some instances. Supervisor Mohan has stated that Amherst does not have problems with the North French interceptor when clearly they do. They don't want to even send out the RFP to get the numbers to evaluate.

Councilman Bylewski stated that the RFP is literally just a study. We have said in the past that public-private agreements in principal can be a good idea but the details have to be hammered out down the road as to who the partners will be etc.

Supervisor Hallock stated that we will continue to work on the settlement of the sewer bill, we have been doing that for a number of years.

Tom Whetham stated that the Clarence Town Board passed a resolution requesting the County consider the extension of Sewer District #5 to include the town sewer districts. This was based upon the understanding that the Town would get representation on SD#5 Board of Managers that was more amiable to the Town. Mr. Whetham stated that they are at the point where they would like to move forward with a Sewer Agency Report also known as a map, plan and report - County Law, Article 5A requirement. During the creation of the Sewer Agency Report, they need to establish what the boundaries of the extension will be which is the point where they are right now. The existing town districts are to be included as part of the extension. Mr. Whetham asked what other areas are to be included within the extension. Mr. Whetham is of the opinion that the Harris Hill area not be included yet, that could be a future extension.

Town Engineer Latona stated that he and Director of Community Development James Callahan met with Joseph Fiegl and their suggestion was to include only the existing sewer districts. Woodland Hills-Fox Trace East and Harris Hill Commons (two separate projects) were also discussed. Mr. Whetham asked if the Town wanted those areas included when they extend SD#5. Getting back to Amherst, Supervisor Hallock asked if there was capacity. Mr. Whetham stated for those two projects, they can manage to include those two specific areas. There are some out-of-district customer agreements drafted up that stated that there are certain things that have to happen in the sewer system before capacity will become available for them to develop. Those conditions would still exist meaning the parallel line which Erie County is trying to do the RFP on and the Town would have to approve the project.

Councilman Weiss asked if the RFP should be completed before we make this designation. Tom Whetham stated that it would not have to be completed; capacity would still be an issue. You could include this area within the district and then the capacity issues would have to be sorted out. Town Engineer Latona stated that if they just included our existing sewer districts, it would not impact any other projects.

Councilman Kolber stated that this was "putting the cart before the horse". You are approving something subject to things being implemented that are on hold right now.

Tom Whetham explained that if you want to have these areas ultimately developed, you are better served by putting them in the district now.

Councilman Bylewski stated that the Town Board has requested the Planning Board look at overall sewer issues. They are looking at the possibility of additional sewer districts, merger of districts and how do we as a town - planning wise want to control sewer development. Currently the Planning Board is studying this.

Councilman Weiss stated that he is in favor of a public private venture, but he wants to make sure that it is negotiated in the interest of the town.

The Town Board was in agreement that they want to include existing town sewer districts only in the current extension.

Councilman Casilio stated that the capacity of Harris Hill Gardens can not be lost in this mix. Town Engineer Latona stated that Harris Hill Gardens is a reserved capacity; the DEC is involved with that capacity.

Councilman Bylewski stated that we not only have environmental concerns but we have planning concerns as well. As we are trying to develop sewer capacity in various areas such as Harris Hill or the industrial areas that we would like to have sewered, what level of comfort do we have then with Erie County SD#5 coming back to the County and having the district boundary potentially expanded. Tom Whetham stated that would be hard for him to answer beyond this year, there will be a new administration in place and he is not sure how they will feel about that. All the legislators as well as the County Executive are up for re-election. The Erie County Board of Managers is only a recommending body; the legislature would have to vote for the procedure of extending EC SD#5.

Charles Alessi asked if the Woodland Hills-Fox Trace East project and the Harris Hill Commons project have out-of-district customer agreements already in place. Tom Whetham stated that they do have agreements in place. Mr. Alessi stated that if that is the case, whether they were in the district or were out-of-district customer agreement, there is no change in leverage on the Town Board. If there is a capacity issue, that will exist whether the boundaries are there or not. Councilman Weiss stated that there is verbage in the agreement that gives the town the last say. Tom Whetham stated that there is verbage in the agreement but there are out-of-district customer agreements for those two projects.

Director of Community Development James Callahan stated that the Subdivision Law stipulates that a new district has to be created prior to approval of a subdivision.

Tom Whetham stated that SD#5 has out-of-district customer agreements with those two entities; they existed before the change in the Subdivision Law. James Callahan stated that this was separate from the Town Subdivision Law. The law requires the Town Board approve the district as part of the subdivision. Tom Whetham stated that they do have agreements in place and one of the caveats in the agreements is there has to be capacity to provide service to the two areas and there also has to be approval from the Town Board for the project itself.

Town Engineer Latona stated that any expansion of existing districts would require discussion as to what the costs will be per district relative to the current cost per district to understand what the change will be if any for that particular district customer.

Tom Whetham stated that the first step will be to complete a Sewer Agency Report which means they will have to define boundaries. Once this is done, they will then do the cost evaluation and what the impact will be on each of the town districts. He also suggest the town hold a public information meeting that discusses what is being proposed and spell out the facts to those in attendance. In addition to that, a public hearing will also be held downtown as part of the County law procedure to extend the district.

Town Engineer Latona stated that a draft report would be delivered to the Town Board. Tom Whetham stated that the draft report would first need approval from Erie County SD #5 Board and then he would bring it back and discuss it with the Town Board. Town Engineer Latona stated that he would like to see a draft report prior to going public.

Councilman Bylewski asked if there was anything that could or that is proposed to come out of any sort of merger agreement that would then prohibit the town from establishing a new sewer district. Tom Whetham stated that there was nothing that he was aware of. Councilman Bylewski stated that the Town of Clarence has an agreement with the Town of Amherst regarding the treatment of the sewage and he did not know that in the discussions with the County if there would be something equivalent that would limit the town's ability to deal with sewer issues. If the merger takes place, boundaries are defined and we as a town would like to take care of the Harris Hill area, could the County in turn say they are not going to expand the boundary of SD #5 to accommodate the Harris Hill area, could the Town Board create the district to deal with the sewer issue. Town Engineer Latona stated that it would depend on whether or not there is capacity and whether Amherst would be willing to take it and where you would tie in. Councilman Bylewski was just questioning whether the Town Board would have the ability to do this. Tom Whetham stated that if this extension moves forward, Erie County will have to "take on or modify" the terms of any agreement that the Town of Clarence has with Amherst for treatment service because they will be the party that has the contract with them so if Clarence were to then create a different town district that will require service from Amherst, the Town of Clarence will then have to negotiate a new service agreement with them. The Town of Clarence would have the ability to create a new district.

Town Attorney Bengart stated that by not including the Harris Hill area now, there is a realistic possibility that Erie County could deny including them at a later date. If Harris Hill is included now, they would have to start paying something on assessed value for service that they may not see for several years. Town Engineer Latona stated that there may be agencies with a greater influence. The DEC could issue a consent order saying that we are polluting.

Chuck Alessi stated that the County will have a Transfer of Assets Agreement. The assets will be transferred from the Town to Erie County when the merger goes through; he suggested a clause be included in the contract where the Town reserves the right to provide service to Harris Hill in the future.

Councilman Casilio asked that because the district would change in size would the number of members on SD#5 Board of Managers change. Tom Whetham stated that the number of members would remain the same. When the extension is complete, the Town of Clarence will then get to make another recommendation as to their appointment to that board.

Tom Whetham stated that he will proceed with the extension of SD#5 to include the existing town sewer districts. He will complete the agency report and provide a copy to the Town of Clarence. He will be happy to then address the Board to give a presentation and explain what this all means. Councilman Bylewski stated that he has a hard time excluding Harris Hill from any potential boundaries. Supervisor Hallock stated that the Board will proceed in trying to work with the Town of Amherst.

Town Engineer Joseph Latona and Town Attorney Steven Bengart will work on a press release in response to the article in the Buffalo News relative to the sewer bill situation with the Town of Amherst. Town Engineer stated that the Town of Clarence has cooperated to the fullest extent possible.

A motion will be made at the next Town Board meeting authorizing the Supervisor to sign the Storm Water Management Services Agreement for reimbursement.

Councilman Scott Bylewski

Director of Community Development James Callahan inquired as to how much it would cost to have a firm do a mini Master Plan for each park in town including the Weber property and Tonawanda Creek property. The figures came in between $105,000 - $110,000. Supervisor Hallock suggested that we pursue other firms.

Councilman Bylewski referenced the Executive Order from Governor Spitzer office addressing issues of local government merger, consolidation, regionalized government, shared services and smart growth. Each County is to identify at least one major merger, consolidation, shared service or smart growth initiative that is either already underway or can be initiated in the year 2007. If and when we are contacted by the County, Councilman Bylewski suggested the APFO (Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance) be brought forward. We have had a lot of difficulty in dealing with outside agencies and if we are talking regional, shared services and smart growth, this is a perfect tool that this committee should be using.

The Framework for Regional Growth was passed by the Erie County Legislature. Councilman Bylewski has a copy printed out if anyone is interested.

There are two openings on the Youth Board; Councilman Bylewski has received one application to date.

A budget meeting will be set up with the fire departments. The Office of State Comptroller has forward a report that gives more information on the new laws that have gone into effect relative to fire companies. Councilman Bylewski announced at the Fire Chief's meeting that the Board will be requesting their last three years of IRS Form 990 to see what their actual revenue has been. Supervisor Hallock stated that the new law gives more auditing opportunities; there are no new reporting requirements. According to the Comptrollers office, only one out of every five fire companies is filing IRS Form 990.

Councilman Bylewski e-mailed a draft of the Performance Measurements. Since that e-mail was sent, Councilman Bylewski has met with the Assessor's Office and will add that information. Councilman Bylewski is asking for input from the Board members as well requesting they go back to their liaison assignments and talk with them about the Performance Measurements.

Councilman Joseph Weiss

Councilman Weiss spoke to Town Engineer Latona regarding the Vehicle Replacement Program. Highway Superintendent Ted Donner gave Councilman Weiss additional information relative to finances and the cost of gasoline. The decision of the Board was to continue with the Ford Focus based on Highway Superintendent Donner's recommendations.

Town Attorney Bengart has finished the contract between the Town of Clarence and UB Professor Dr. Samina Raja. She is in the middle of finals and will get back to us in two weeks.

Councilman Weiss referenced the Executive Order from Governor Eliot Spitzer relative to the creation of a Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness. Councilman Weiss will respond by suggesting downsizing school administrations.

Councilman Weiss will respond to the letter the Board received from Paul Ferry regarding calculating the EDU tax amount for sewer district #9.

Through the efforts of Re-Tree WNY and Boy Scout Christian Anslow, thirty-nine trees were planted at Memorial Park. Twenty-five trees were planted along the roadway and fourteen trees were planted around the softball diamonds. Forty more trees were ordered through the DEC grant for along Kraus Road.

Councilman Bernard Kolber

Councilman Kolber had no report.

Councilman Patrick Casilio

There is an opening on the Avoidable Alarm Committee. Councilman Casilio has not received any applications to date.

There are three positions in the process of being filled for Parks Security. Councilman Casilio is hoping to fill two of the positions within the next two weeks.

Councilman Casilio received pricing for the lights in Harris Hill. The Town received FEMA money to pay for the three lights that were damaged during the October storm. In a discussion with the Harris Hill Association, they have had a picture of the chosen light on their web page for over one month and have not received any negative comments. They would like to purchase and install one light to get comments and input from the residents. Supervisor Hallock stated that the Clarence Center Community Association would like to submit a proposal to the IDA to install more lighting in Clarence Center.

Clarence Hollow is anxiously waiting the completion of their parking lot. Councilman Casilio has talked to Highway Superintendent Ted Donner and it is on the agenda.

There are two vacancies on the Senior Center Board, applications are being reviewed.

The Town of Amherst received grant money that was being used to pay for replacement of damaged sidewalks. The money has been depleted and they have gone back to having the homeowner pay for damage and repairs. Town Engineer Latona has inspected the sidewalks on Nottingham Terrace and marked the sidewalks that he feels need to be replaced. Mr. Latona is requesting direction from the Board as to how much he should do. He is terminating the replacement sidewalks at a driveway. The concrete continues through the blacktopped driveway, the concrete must be torn out but now we are getting into blacktopping as well. Councilman Casilio has informed the Harris Hill Association that the cost of sidewalks is the homeowner's responsibility. Town Engineer will set a bid date for sidewalks at the May 23, 2007 Town Board meeting.

Councilman Casilio also spoke to the Harris Hill Association about the street lights, they will not all be replaced immediately.

Councilman Casilio has not been able to obtain state bid pricing on the speed trailer however, he will continue to work on it. Supervisor Hallock stated that there was one that came through the Office of General Services and they were going to review the bids.

Councilman Casilio is continuing his work on the video cameras for the bike path.

The disaster shelter trailer will arrive today; it will eventually be stored at the Senior Center.

Councilman Casilio gave an update on Tonawanda Creek Road. Information he has received indicated that FEMA wanted to fill the site and Erie County wanted to go around the site, they are going around a site in Amherst where the road collapsed.

Councilman Casilio has spoken to Town Engineer Latona relative to the removal of the water tank on Goodrich Road. If there is an expense involved, it could be budgeted for next year. Town Engineer Latona stated that the expense would be minimal depending on what scrap is going for. Councilman Casilio feels that it is an eyesore and can not be used for anything.

Town Engineer Joseph Latona

Town Engineer Latona gave an update on the sewer installation. Ransom Road sewers are installed; they are milling Ransom Road today. Bodine Road is underway.

Town Attorney Bengart

Town Attorney Bengart gave an update on the Rita Felschow case, it will not be adjourned.

Town Attorney Bengart has two items to discuss in Executive Session regarding acquisition of property.

Motion by Supervisor Hallock, seconded by Councilman Kolber to enter into Executive Session pursuant to § 105(1) F of the Open Meetings Law to discuss the appointment of individuals and § 105(1) H the proposed acquisition of real property. Upon roll call - Ayes: All; Noes: None. Motion carried.

There being no further business, the Work Session adjourned at 11:50 A.M.

Darcy A. Snyder
Deputy Town Clerk

Motion by Supervisor Hallock, seconded by Councilman Bylewski to adjourn the Executive Session at 12:00 P.M. Upon roll call Ayes: All; Noes: None. Motion carried.