A Work Session of the Clarence Town Board was held May 5, 2004 at Clarence Town Hall, One Town Place, Clarence, NY.

Supervisor Hallock called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M. Members of the Town Board present were Council Member’s Ian McPherson, Scott Bylewski, Joseph Weiss and Bernard Kolber. Other Town Officials present were Director of Community Development James Callahan, Town Attorney Steven Bengart and Town Engineer Joseph Latona.

Deer Management Coordinator – John Jondle

John Jondle gave a report on Deer Management for 2003/2004. In a sixteen week period from November 10, 2003 to February 28, 2004, 176 antler less deer were removed from the no hunting zone in Clarence.

This year 4,900 lbs of ground venison was donated to the Food Bank of WNY. Combining this with the total for the previous two permit seasons comes out to approximately 15,220 lbs of ground venison for the three years of the program.

The cost to the town this year was approximately $4,850. This includes the processing cost and Mr. Jondle’s time and travel. The total cost for the three years of the program is approximately $13,900 which when divided by the total number of deer removed (561)

results in a cost of almost $25 per deer. The program is strictly volunteer however, we do pay the processor.

Erie County Highway, NYS Department of Transportation and Clarence Town Highway Department have submitted the number of deer carcass that they have picked up and these numbers have decreased over the last three years.

Mr. Jondle feels we had a successful season. We are seeing a good impact in reducing the deer heard to a manageable size. Based on the aerial count taken of this area on February 19, 2004, 555 deer were counted which is almost that number counted in the aerial survey of 1992. This is significantly down from the 711 that were counted in the same area March 1999. There still however exists some large number of deer in several pockets. We need to identify these pockets and see if we can get property owners in these areas to participate.

Mr. Jondle commended the volunteers that participate in the program.

Councilman Weiss suggested delegating a “dream team” of approximately 10 – 12 men to go into a highly concentrated area for one or two days. This could be done possibly twice during the season.

Supervisor Hallock stated that most complaints are regarding the notification process.

John Jondle stated that the Conservation Advisory Committee has also studied goose management. Parks Crew Chief John Burns has applied to the Federal Government to addle eggs in nests. When you spoil the eggs, the hen does not know they will not hatch. If they don’t hatch, the hen gets discouraged and hopefully will move north. This year they have addled 76 nests and over 400 eggs. Hopefully this will cut down on the goose population. We are trying to manage the geese and the deer population.

Supervisor Kathleen Hallock

At the April 28, 2004 Town Board meeting, a motion was made to set a Public Hearing for May 26, 2004 to consider the purchase of land on Salt Road using Open Space Bond Act monies and Recreation Fees. Supervisor Hallock gave a handout containing information from NYS Land Conservancy about green print acquisition. She asked that everyone read the hand out, it will be discussed at the next Work Session. The Town Board will meet with Bond Counsel on Thursday, May 6, 2004.

Supervisor Hallock updated the board on the Capital Projects Program. All committees, organizations and departments have been contacted. A hand out was presented to the Town Board. Supervisor Hallock asked that if anyone had any suggestions they add them to the list. The Clarence Jaycees are interested in replacing the flag pole at the Main Street Park. Councilman Bylewski suggested installing sidewalks in front of the Legion Hall to try and control access management.

The Town of Orchard Park and the Association of Erie County Governments are proposing a resolution regarding pending legislation relative to Justice Court fees. Supervisor Hallock forwarded a copy of the resolution to both judges asking how to proceed.

Councilman Ian McPherson

Councilman McPherson had no report.

Councilman Scott Bylewski

It was announced at the fire chiefs meeting that there were large purchases made of UPS uniforms. There is potential that these uniforms could be used for terrorist acts throughout the country. UPS would like to inform everyone that they do not deliver packages unless they are in a UPS truck. Also, UPS drivers carry two forms of identification.

Clarence Concert Association has several issues regarding the band shell, the dressing room needs painting, there is a red squirrel that has taken up residence in the band shell and the concrete pad needs repair work. Town Engineer Latona stated that he will speak with the Parks Department regarding the concrete work.

Councilman Bylewski questioned Town Attorney Bengart regarding the Welcome to Clarence signs. Town Attorney Bengart stated that we have heard back from Syms.

Councilman Bylewski received a letter from Harris Hill VFC regarding their intent to pursue the extension of benefits.

Councilman Joseph Weiss

The Youth Board would like to make some repairs and update the kitchen at the Youth Center and would like to know how to proceed. Supervisor Hallock stated that they received a Capital Project request form. They could submit their request through the Capital Project form and the Capital Improvement Project team could review or they could submit it with their budget request. The Youth Center is a town owned building.

Councilman Bernard Kolber

Councilman Kolber received a request from the Meeting House Board, they would like to change their name to The Landmark Committee and apply for 501(c) (3) status. This would allow them to apply for grants for the museum. The first thing they would like to do is get landmark status for the Clubhouse. Supervisor Hallock stated that the Historical Society and Museum Board should work together.

Town Attorney Bengart suggested obtaining a copy of the by-laws for the Meeting House Board to figure out their objective as a board. Town Attorney Bengart stated that he can not be giving legal advice to an organization, only as it relates to the town.

Clarence Softball Commissioner Rick DiVita is requesting permission to have Coca-Cola Bottling Company set up a concession stand in the town park. during softball games. There is also a vender who would like to bring his ice cream truck into the park and donate part of the proceeds to the softball league. Councilman Bylewski stated that it has been suggested that we should not be using our town parks for commercial enterprise.

Clarence Baseball has made the same request, Town Attorney Bengart sent them a letter but to date, they have not responded.

Councilman Bylewski sited a section in the Town Code book relative to Peddling and Soliciting in the Town of Clarence without first obtaining a license from the Town Clerk.

Councilman Weiss received a call from Joe Miano, president of Clarence Baseball regarding the expansion of the former water department building. Town Engineer Latona stated that he is reviewing the drainage concerns.

Councilman Kolber met with CID/Waste Management. They wanted to see what direction the Town of Clarence is headed regarding the creation of a single garbage district. Some of the advantages and disadvantages were discussed. There may be limitations as to what they will pickup. Councilman Kolber has received complaints from Senior Citizens; they don’t want to switch to a town wide district because with their senior discount, trash pickup cost them only $140. per year.

It cost the average person $200. per year. For 52 weeks, that comes out to approximately $4.00 per week and most disposal companies take everything you put out to the curb. This is something we will have to research.

Network Services – Steve Flaminio

Steve Flaminio gave an update on the work he has done since January 2004. His responsibility is working on the network and computer systems for the town. In January, he started out by doing security work, phasing out several pass words from the former vendor. PC’s were installed in highway and engineering departments, some old PC’s were reconfigured and installed in new locations throughout the town. During the month of January, there were some problems with the main router system, which has since been replaced and new replacement equipment installed. Work was done on the communications link between the highway and building department and town hall. In February the check printing system was installed in the accounting department, two PC’s in the building department were reconfigured, and the NYS Building Code update was installed at the building department. The backup system and upgrades were done in the Justice Court offices. In March, work was done on the new time clock system to replace the old winstar system. Karen Jurek has met with Steve to discuss KVS server upgrades, installation is planned for sometime this year Various problems were taken care of in the Town Clerk’s office, Accounting, Zoning and Court offices. A new terminal server was installed in the Town Hall. The terminal server was primarily used by the parks department and highway department for the time clock system. To phase in the new time clock system, the terminal server itself had to be replaced. At the time, Mr. Flaminio looked at possibly enhancing the terminal server to allow some additional functions to run off, one of them had to do with the building department software. This has been somewhat of a problem that Steve had noticed since he has come on board in that the building department system was very slow and tended to experience disconnects etc. Mr. Flaminio put this on the new terminal server to try and address some of the issues.

Over the next couple of months, several projects are planned. Those projects include completion of work on the building permit program; address the underlying problem that exists between the highway, building and engineering offices in this building. Mr. Flaminio is looking at different alternatives that will hopefully enhance the communication lines. In addition, later this month or possibly early next month Steve will be working on the KVS accounting upgrade.

Councilman Bylewski questioned the problem with communication between the different buildings. Steve Flaminio stated that the problem has to do with the fact that the communication that goes between town hall, highway and engineering is done via two transmission towers (there is one at either location). A network signal is broadcast between the buildings. The actual speed for that signal, what it is rated for and what is actually performing out of are quite a bit different. There are days when it is running at a small percentage of what it should be and there are days when it is running as much as 50%. The performance has been very poor. This somewhat goes beyond Mr. Flaminio’s scope of expertise, his training and his company basically deals with network systems, pc systems, electronic mail etc. He is suggested contacting an expert that deals with towers and suggested FM Communications which already has a presence in the town.

Councilman McPherson asked if the company that installed the towers was made aware of the problems. Karen Jurek stated that they did an alignment of it and gave us an estimate of $12,000. to do an upgrade but they could not guarantee that this would correct the problem. Several venders were interviewed, and most all of them suggested going back to the way we were originally set up with the phone lines, wireless communications has its limitations.

Karen Jurek further commented that by upgrading the terminal server, we did not have to purchase new computers for the building department and it is operating much faster.

The old terminal server was not adequate to run the new time clock system; we had to do something to improve the performance and reliability. The new terminal server is installed, the time clock software has been installed on the new terminal and then a module was installed so that we could run the building permit software remotely and it has improved dramatically.

Karen Jurek questioned whether we could declare the tower surplus and sell it for scrap. Town Engineer Latona did not know if there was a market for this.

Councilman McPherson stated that when the tower system was done it was represented that it would function and work properly. Karen stated that she spoke to the tower vendors and they were not ever made aware of the complaints that the departments were giving our former computer vendor. They did come out and were paid to align it and they recommended the radios. It is a case where we will continue to pay them to try and make it work. That is why Mr. Flaminio would like to get a second opinion.

Steve Flaminio’s focus so far is taking a situation that is not working as well as it should be and trying to get departments functioning properly. He would like to start working on underlying causes and how we can meter it, find out what the other vender says about what the problems are and what their recommendations are and will it make sense over time to even look at other alternatives.

Karen Jurek announced that the wiring is complete at the Senior Center. She is waiting to hear from Senior Center Director Janice Whittier on the computers and for Adelphia to bring service into the building. Councilman McPherson stated that he would like Karen Jurek to work with Janice Whittier relative to ordering the computers.

Motion by Supervisor Hallock, seconded by Councilman McPherson to enter into Executive Session pursuant to § 105 (1)F of the Open Meetings Law to discuss the appointment of a particular corporation and the employment history of a particular employee. Upon roll call - Ayes: All; Noes: None. Motion carried.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:30 A.M.

Darcy A. Snyder

Deputy Town Clerk

Motion by Supervisor Hallock, seconded by Councilman McPherson to hire financial consultants Drescher & Malecki. Upon roll call - Ayes: All; Noes: None. Motion carried. There being no further business, the Executive Session adjourned at 11:00 A.M.