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County Audits

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County Audits
Report # Audit Area Significant Findings
(Lost Funds / Potential Savings)
(issued 12/19/00)
Department of Public Works
Federal Aid Capital Projects and NY
State Marchiselli Aid
1/1/91- 7/31/00
- As much as $3.1 million in general fund monies may be required to pay the local share of the projects which were not properly bonded and for funds to be set aside for debt services for the State's 15% reimbursement of bonded funds.
(issued 12/15/00)
Health Department
Medical Examiner's Office
Follow-up audit
1/1/99 - 4/30/00
- Billings for services rendered in 1999 totaling $3,850 were not accrued as revenue at year-end. (timing difference)
(issued 10/17/00)
Erie County Water Authority
Follow-up Audit of Purchasing Practices
for period 1/1/99 - 8/31/00
Recommendation that contracts with vendors selected by the Board be periodically subjected to competitive bidding or a RFP process to ensure the most favorable terms for the public.
(issued 8/22/00)
Vacant Positions @ 6/30/00 - Identified 236 full time and 96 (FTE 39) part time vacant positions with Excess Funded Vacancies of $437,421. (Net County share less Budgeted Turnover)
Erie County Department of Probation
Internal Controls Related to the Operation of the Cashier's Office
* Not County Funds
- $20,147.02 of restitution payments not disbursed to the intended beneficiary (uncleared checks > 1 year).
- $20,241.33 of restitution payments collected not paid out.
- $23,948 of surcharges collected not paid out to appropriate Town / Village courts.