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Nancy A. Naples, Comptroller
Comptroller Nancy Naples Recoups Unclaimed Funds for County

Erie County Comptroller Nancy A. Naples recently filed documents with the New York State Comptroller's Office, Division of Unclaimed Funds, to recover monies held in the name of Erie County.

"The process began when we examined the State Comptroller's website to determine if there were any monies being held in the name of Erie County. We found that the records showed unclaimed funds in the name of various County departments," Naples said. "Appropriate paperwork was filed to recover monies identified as belonging to the County. As a result, Erie County received a check in the amount of $4,052."

"The monies identified on the State Comptroller's website represent amounts that are owed by business entities to municipalities, individuals and other businesses, but were never paid out. In many cases, the amounts are balances in bank accounts that have become inactive but were never closed," Naples stated. "The website contains hundreds of listings and people are unaware that monies may be due them."

"I encourage everyone to check the website at to determine if monies are owed to them. If so, you should take the necessary steps to recover these funds. While it may be a lengthy process, your efforts will be rewarded with the return of monies that are rightfully yours," Naples stated. "In our case, although the dollar amount recovered by the County was not a large sum, I am pleased we were able to recover this money for the taxpayers of Erie County," Naples concluded.