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Hotlines & Phone Numbers

Hotlines & Phone Numbers
ServicePhone Number
County Information1-716-858-6000
Auto Bureau Information Line1-716-858-7450
Carbon Monoxide Hotline1-716-858-6100
Child Support Enforcement Service Center1-716-858-8309
Civil Service Exam Line1-716-858-8729
Correctional Facility Information Line1-716-858-8700
Holding Center Information Line1-716-858-7636
Household Hazardous Waste Information1-716-858-6800
Library Information Line1-716-858-8900
Radon Hotline1-716-858-6200
Social Services Information Line1-716-858-8000
Welfare Fraud Reporting Line1-716-858-1886
Frequently Called Numbers
Auto Bureau (Albany)1-800-225-5368
Board of Elections1-716-858-8891
Buffalo Convention and Visitor's Center1-800-BUFFALO
Central Police Services1-716-858-6365
Central Referral Services1-716-851-5555
Child Assistance Program1-716-853-5020
Child Protection Services1-716-858-6437
City of Buffalo Information1-716-851-4200
Commission on the Status of Women1-716-858-8307
Consumer Fraud - N. Y. State1-800-771-7755
Consumer Protection1-716-858-8709
County Attorney1-716-858-2200
County Clerk1-716-858-8785
County Executive1-716-858-8500
County Legislature1-716-858-7500
Courts - City1-716-847-8200
Courts - County1-716-845-9300
Courts - Family1-716-845-7400
Courts - Supreme1-716-845-9300
Courts - Surrogate1-716-845-2560
Crisis Services1-716-834-3131 (24 hour hotline)
Crisis Services1-716-834-1144 (kids helpline)
Disabled, Office for the1-716-858-6215
District Attorney1-716-858-2424
Erie Community College - City Campus1-716-851-1001
Erie Community College - North Campus1-716-851-1002
Erie Community College - South Campus1-716-851-1003
Erie County Fairgrounds1-716-649-3900
Erie County NY Connects: Choices for Long Term Care1-716-858-8526
Emergency Aid to Families1-716-858-6754
Emergency Services1-716-858-6578
Equal Employment Opportunity1-716-858-7542
Erie County Home1-716-937-5690
Erie County Industrial Development Agency1-716-856-6525
Erie County Laboratory1-716-898-3114
Erie County Medical Center1-716-898-3000
Erie County Water Authority1-716-849-8484
Finance Department1-716-858-8322
Food Stamps1-716-858-8347
Health Department1-716-858-7690
Home Energy Assistance Program (age to 60)1-716-858-7644
Home Energy Assistance Program (age 60+)1-716-858-7870
Highway Department1-716-858-8363
Hunting Licenses1-716-858-8785
Labor Relations1-716-858-8476
Medicare (federal)1-800-772-1213
New York State Information1-716-847-3131
Parks, Recreation and Forestry1-716-858-8355
Pistol Permits1-716-858-6600
Private Industry Council1-716-885-9840
Public Service Commission - N. Y. State1-716-847-3400
Public Works1-716-858-8300
Senior Services1-716-858-8526
Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic1-716-858-7687
Sheriff of Erie County1-716-858-7618
Social Security1-800-772-1213
Taxes - County Property Tax1-716-858-8333
U.S. Government Information1-800-688-9889
Veterans Services1-716-858-6363
Weights & Measures1-716-825-1310
Women and Infant1-716-858-7715
Youth Services1-716-858-6801