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November is National Family Caregiver Month

It is estimated that family and friends provide as much as 85% of all care to the frail and disabled in this country a value of $257 billion every year! Celebrating November as National Family Caregiver Month, Erie County Department of Senior Services Caregiver Resource Center and the Erie County Caregiver Coalition host a resource fair (open to the public) Tuesday, November 27, from 10 am 2 pm in downtown's Rath Building Lobby (95 Franklin St). Participating exhibitors include local agencies that offer services, information, and assistance to caregivers: Schofield Residence, American Red Cross, Erie County Dept. of Senior Services, Veterans Administration Medical Center, and, because humor is an often overlooked yet important part of health, Heart Wings Healing. You'll be able to find out more about many services and programs that can help make caring easier:

Erie County Senior Services is a "first stop" phone call for caregivers to older adults, answering questions and guiding you through a maze of available services which might include home care, adult day care, home delivered meals and case management. For more information, call: (716) 858-8526 or visit the caregiver pages.