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Information Regarding Flight #3407 Plane Crash in Clarence Center, NY

Continental Airlines Flight #3407 from Newark, New Jersey to Buffalo, New York crashed in Clarence Center, New York shortly after 10:00PM on the night of February 12. All passengers and crew on board were killed.

Residents who live in Clarence who need information or assistance may call 741-8930.

Family of victims (passengers or flight crew) may contact Continental Airlines Information at: 1-800-621-3263 or 1-901-346-6162.

Media calls only may be directed to Keith Holloway, NTSB, 1-202-557-1350.

Flight 3407
Interfaith Community Prayer Service

Monday 2/16/09
Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church
8445 Greiner Road
Clarence, NY
All are welcome
Questions call - 211