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December 6, 2002

Mr. Jake Lamb, Project Manager
Bi-National Integrated Environmental Process
Parsons Transportation Group
300 Cathedral Park Tower
Buffalo, NY 14202

Mr. Lamb:

The Erie-Niagara Regional Partnership would like to inform you of our position that the scoping period for the bridge project should conclude with a full environmental impact statement that includes not only alternatives at the current bridge location, but also downstream at the proposed Tonawanda crossing location.

We feel that issues with the current location such as the questionable ability to provide adequate plaza space without the taking of Front Park or the surrounding neighborhood, an issue exacerbated by the new post 9/11 standards, make the examination of the Tonawanda alternative necessary. Other factors such as the human health issues at the current site, and the ability to directly link the Queen Elizabeth Way in Ontario with the Niagara Thruway at the Tonawanda site clearly make it an option that deserves a full examination.

The Erie-Niagara Regional Partnership - an ad hoc subcommittee of the Niagara and Erie County Legislatures, along with the two counties' IDAs, planning departments, local governments associations and CVBs, the GBNRTC, ESD, and the labor and private sector - would ask that this communication be entered into the record of public comment on this issue, and would further reiterate the need for the Tonawanda option to be a part of the full environmental impact statement.


Hon. Bradley Erck
Erie-Niagara Regional Partnership
Niagara County Legislature

Hon. Barry Weinstein, MD
Erie-Niagara Regional Partnership
Majority Leader,
Erie County Legislature