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June, 2003

Local Governments Forum Participation Survey

Please check off any of the forum topics you'd like more information about or in which you would like to become involved with:

TopicMore InfoBecome Involved
Erie-Niagara Regional Partnership
Electronic Permitting
Framework for Regional Growth
Economic Development Strategy
Cultural Tourism Initiative

Please check off any of the following topics you would be interested in seeing as a featured topic in a future forum:

A. IDA process / economic development incentives

B. Brownfield redevelopment / state standards for land reuse

C. Permitting process / pre-permitting

D. Unfunded state mandates

E. What site selectors look for in a community

F. Opportunities for municipal collaboration

G. Becoming "visitor ready" for tourism

H. Types of tourism - agricultural, cultural, heritage, others

I. Wayfinding and directional tourist signage

J. The ongoing power relicensing initiative

K. Public transportation for economic development & tourism

L. Land use planning

M. Regional Transportation Planning & Local Implementation