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Government of Erie County, New York


Erie County STOP-DWI Office
45 Elm Street Room 233
Buffalo, New York 14203
(716) 858-6291
(716) 858-8566 (fax)

John F. Sullivan
Project Coordinator

Daniel Herberger
Training Coordinator
(716) 858-6138

LuAnn Palma-Smith
Public Relations Coordinator
(716) 858-6637

BAC Calculator

BAC Calculator

Your BAC is the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream, and the more you drink, the higher your BAC gets. However, two people may drink the same amount over the same time period, and have dramatically different results when taking the BAC test. Your body size, how much you've had to eat, percentage of body fat, and sex affect your BAC (A woman will almost always will have a higher BAC than a man when consuming the same amount of alcohol).

Note: This calculator only provides an estimate of your actual BAC, and is not intended to provide any legal advice. The results should not be used to infer anyone's ability to drive or perform any task.

To use the calculator you'll need to enter the number of each type of drink you've had, your gender, your weight, and how many hours you've been drinking. Using those factors, the BAC Calculator will show you your BAC, give you an analysis of what your BAC means, and how much time needs to pass until you have a Zero BAC (sober).

Type of Alcohol: # of Drinks


Beer = 3-7%
Liquor/Spirits = 30-50%
Wine = 12-21%
Champagne = 15-20%

1 Beer = 12 oz
1 Glass Wine/Champagne = 4 oz
1 Shot = 1.5 oz
1 Mixed Drink = 2 oz (alcohol only)