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Government of Erie County, New York


Erie County STOP-DWI Office
45 Elm Street Room 233
Buffalo, New York 14203
(716) 858-6291
(716) 858-8566 (fax)

John F. Sullivan
Project Coordinator

Daniel Herberger
Training Coordinator
(716) 858-6138

LuAnn Palma-Smith
Public Relations Coordinator
(716) 858-6637

Cost Of A DWI Conviction

  1. Attorney Fees
    Attorney Fees to contest a typical DWI with no crash: $ 2500.00
    *Triple that for a charge in which someone is injured or killed
  2. Insurance Pool Surcharge
    Three Year minimum: $4500.00
    *This is added to your current insurance cost. Also, low cost insurers will not write insurance for DWI offenders so you’ll have to use an insurance company that charges higher rates.
    Additional Insurance Cost: $1500.00
  3. Fines
    DWI Fines Range from $300 - $5000.
    Average: $500.00
  4. Alcohol Evaluation / Treatment

Minimum Cost = $9,500

Other Costs

And probably the hardest to take…

Felony Charges include jail time and loss of voting rights

If you are injured in a crash your medical bills may be rejected by health insurers because you were committing a crime while sustaining the injuries.


Attorney fees: $2,500
Insurance Pool Surcharge: $4,500
Additional Insurance Cost: $1,500
Fines: $500.00 (average)
Alcohol Evaluation / Treatment: $500

Minimum Cost = $9,500